Smackdown Live Recap 7/31/18

As tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live begins we have Renee Young already in the ring introducing Becky Lynch who will be challenging Carmella for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship at Summerslam. Becky looks to bring honor to the Smackdown Women’s championship and welcomes the target to be placed on her back. Carmella interrupts with an oddly out of character humble speech. Throwing everyone off Carmella claims to be honored to be facing Becky at Summerslam. As Carmella goes and attempts to shake Becky’s hand. Just then James Ellsworth’s music hits. Then we quickly learn it was all a ploy to distract Becky. When Carmella strikes with the Smackdown Women’s Championship title she gets a chair. Suddenly Charlotte Flair’s music hits. Flair runs down to the ring and saves her fellow four horsewomen.

Uso’s VS The¬†Bar

As the match is about to start New Day comes out and sits ringside at a custom announce table. Decked out with Booty O’s and pancakes. Sheamus and Cesaro use the size advantage to control the beginning of the match. Jey Uso side steps a charging Sheamus. Meanwhile Jimmy Uso is on the outside and gets the hot tag. After Sheamus pushes Cesaro out of the way he is hit with a splash to the outside. Jimmy lands a super kick to Cesaro’s chin. As the pace quickens New Day is ringside losing their minds. Jimmy is the legal man. As Jey attempts a splash Cesaro catches him with an European uppercut. Jey gets caught by Cesaro. Sheamus gets the roll up victory. While The Bar go face to face with New Day the Bludgeon Brothers looked on from the ramp.

Samoa Joe promo

Samoa Joe talks about respecting everything AJ Styles has done in WWE. Then Joe gets personal saying AJ sacrificed everything to be WWE Champion. Because of these sacrifices Joe says AJ is a failed father and husband. Once Joe beats Styles then AJ can go back to being a father and husband again.

Jeff Hardy promo

As Jeff Hardy enters the ring he says he wants his US title back, but first wants redemption from Randy Orton. As Orton comes out Nakamura attacks Hardy from behind and then the viper strikes at Hardy. Ultimately this continues the weekly Hardy beat down. When Corey Graves mentions Randy is tearing away at the identity of Jeff Hardy. One can only imagine we will see broken/woken brother Nero soon.

Lana vs Zelina Vega

As Vega dominates most of this match. Lana starts a comeback and a spin-a-roonie. Once Lana goes to the middle rope Andreade “Cien” Almas climbs onto the apron, Aiden English pulls Almas off. However this distracts Lana and allows Vega to roll her up to win the match.

Daniel Bryan promo

Daniel talks about how he and his wife Brie have helped push for the women’s evolution. We get a replay from last week when the Miz threw a doll at Daniel to allow Miz to distract and attack. Ultimately Daniel calls Miz out to the ring. As we wait Miz appears on the titan-tron and tells says he is on the set of Miz and Mrs. Daniel calls Miz a coward for not coming to the ring. The Miz cuts his greatest promo yet by saying while Miz has been building a career Daniel has only been holding onto his coattails. As a result Daniel challenges Miz to a match at Summerslam. In the end Miz calls Daniel a crybaby and ends the segment.

Flair vs Carmella

Flair is controlling the match until she attempts an attack over the top rope. Carmella gets out of the way and throws Flair into the barricade. Once back from break and Flair is back in control. Flair misses with a moonsault and is tossed out of the ring by Carmella and she sends Flair into the time keepers area. As Carmella runs back to the ring the ref is starting his count. Flair gets back into the ring and Carmella grabs a headlock. Carmella lands a big boot, but Flair returns the favor and gets a two count. After some back and forth Carmella attempts a figure four leg lock. Quickly Flair reverses and makes Carmella submit to the same move. Now with the stipulation from GM Paige Flair is now added to the championship match. Now Carmella will defend against Becky and Charlotte at Summerslam.

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