Rolando McClain retires again

Rolando McClain.JPGThe Baltimore Ravens were going to give Rolando McClain another chance to play football, they just reinstated him so he would be eligible to workout with the team.  McClain told Seth Wickersham tweeted that McClain told him he was done with football.

This is a real surprise as McClain was just getting back into football and seemed to be a full go.  It sounds like McClain never enjoyed football or never wanted to play for the Ravens.  McClain is only 24 years old, so he is very young for someone who has already retired twice.

The Ravens never counted on McClain and were not impressed by McClain’s work out. McClain gave up on his workout according to several reporters.

The Ravens will likely not give McClain another chance if he ever decides to come back to football.

Here is Wickersham’s tweet about McClain.




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  1. April 23, 2014

    […] Rolando McClain has already retired again, the Ravens resigned Daryl Smith and seem fine with Arthur Brown.  The Ravens could always draft another middle linebacker in the mid to later rounds.  That said the Ravens had had a lot of success finding undrafted middle linebackers, Jameel McClain and Bart Scott are good examples. […]

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