Redskins week 10 report card

The Washington Redskins (6-3) pulled a nice win Sunday vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6). The defense is very much responsible for that, here’s this weeks report card. 


Alex smith(QB) looked alright throwing for 19-27 for 178 yards with one touchdown although he missed a few chances for big plays and let Fitzpatrick out do him. 

Grade: B

Running backs

Despite the fight for yards  Adrian Peterson(RB) had 19 carries for only 68 yards. 

Grade: B


Maurice Harris(WR) led receiving yards with five receptions for 52 yards. Jordan Reed was right behind him with four receptions for 51yards. Team wise there were 25 receptions for 116 yards. 


Offensive line

Although defense broke through for three sacks there was great blocking Alex Smith had days to throw. 

Grade: B

Overall offense

Grade: B


Defensive line 

Made it through for two sacks while holding the Buccaneers offense to 103 yards rushing. 



Pulling out all stops keeping the game at hand 

Grade: A


Brought in their share of tackles and made sure the offense didn’t go anywhere 

Grade: A

Overall defense

They looked great five turnovers holding the Buccaneers to A field goal. 

Grade: A

Special teams

Dustin Hopkins (K) 3/3 on field goals and Tress Way (P) just punting away making returns challenging. 


Coaching staff

Great calls need players to execute effectively

Grade: A

Final words

Great win big props to the defense 

Grade: A

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