Redskins report card Week five

The Washington Redskins (3-2) pulled off a close but nice win against the Carolina Panthers (3-2) yesterday here’s this weeks report card. 


Alex smith(QB) looked way better than last week throwing for 21-36 for 163yards and two Touchdowns. 

Grade: A

Running backs

Adrian Peterson(RB) had 17 carries for 97 yards looking good every week. 

Grade: A


Vernon Davis (TE) led receivers with three receptions for 48 yards and 1 touchdown. Jordan Reed was right behind him with five receptions for 36 yards. Team wise there were 21 receptions for 163 yards. 


Offensive line

Blocking was good for the most part racking up plenty of yards compared to last week. 

Grade: A

Overall offense

Grade: A

Defensive line 

Made it through for a sack while holding the Panthers offense to 81 yards rushing. 



Bringing in tackles for days and holding yards to their selves sometimes it’s nice to be greedy. 

Grade: A


Brought in their share of tackles and looked tough in the process 

Grade: A

Overall defense

They looked great along with the offense and even forced three fumbles. We had Josh Norman (CB) make a come back and pull a pass from Cam Newton (QB) who hasn’t thrown an interception since 2016!

Grade: A

Special teams

Pulling in 34 yards between kick and punt returns looked pretty good out there. 


Coaching staff

Great play calling keeping the Panthers from stealing a win at the very end. 

Grade: A

Final words

Great win to come back with after last weeks lost. 

Grade: A

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