Redskins Report Card: 12/10/17

The Redskins lost to the Los Angeles Chargers 30-13 away in LA. The Redskins played poorly on both sides of the ball. The defense continued their pattern of giving up at least 30 points (this was the 7th time this season), but the offense struggled much more than usual, only scoring one touchdown and no field goals.

Quarterback: Normally in a blowout such as this, Cousins is the only bright spot in the Redskins offense. Not today. Cousins was outmatched all game, throwing for 136 yards, one touchdown, and one (horribly thrown) interception. He wasn’t helped by his receiving corp, but today was arguably Cousins worst performance of the year. Grade D

Running backs: Samaje Perine was the only back to notch a carry. Perine had 17 rushes for only 45 yards, an awful 2.65 yards per carry. Perine was not helped by the entire Redskins OL continuing to be hurt, but even so, he has put up much better games behind this bad OL before. Grade C-

Receivers: It seemed no receiver could get open all game. Jamison Crowder stopped his hot streak with only three catches for 34 yards. Doctson put up the exact same disappointing stat line (3 catches for 34 yards) as Crowder. Vernon Davis had a nice touchdown catch, but was quiet other than that. Grade D+

Offensive Line: They are almost all injured, so this week is no different than anyone would expect. Cousins was rushed all game and Perine had no room to run. Grade D

Defensive Line: Again, poor DL play is what Redskins fans have come to expect through injury. Rivers had all the time he needed to drop back, and Melvin Gordon consistently was able to turn what should have been 0 yard gains into 5 yard gains. Grade C

Linebackers: Same deal as DL. Time for Rivers, room to run for Gordon. Grade C

Secondary: Keenan Allen has been an absolute monster the past few weeks, so I don’t blame Josh Norman 100% for Allen’s 111 yards. The game was more or less over when Tyrell Williams went for an untouched 75 yard TD catch. One of the few high points in the game for the Redskins was Bashaud Breeland’s 96 yard INT return for a TD. This was far too little, far too late, however, with less than three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Special Teams: Nick Rose did not get a FG attempt and was 1/2 on XPs. With the Redskins only notching nine first downs the whole game, Tress Way had lots of punting to do, and he did fine. Grade B-

Coaching: It is clear that something else needs to happen on defense. Between Josh Norman, DJ Swearinger, and Ryan Kerrigan, the defense has enough playmakers to be good, but week in and week out they let teams put up 30 on them. This week was no different. Grade C

Overall: Nobody stepped up and played well this week. It was an overall bad game with very few bright spots. Additionally, this loss, eliminated the Redskins from playoff contention. Grade D+


David Miller

David is a sophomore at Emory University, and a lifetime D.C. sports fan.

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