Redskins Report Card 12-3-18

The Washington Redskins (6-6) had an ugly L handed to them Monday as they took on the Philadelphia Eagles ( 6-6), here’s this weeks report card. 


Alex Smith was out do to an injury so it was up to Colt McCoy to step up and take the lead. The Eagles broke that spirit…literally. Colt McCoy suffered a fracture in his fibula so it was up to Mark Sanchez. Sanchez threw 13-21 for 100 yards with 1 interception. 

Grade: D

Running Backs

Adrian Peterson broke out for a 90 yard touchdown being the largest amount of yards allowed by the eagles ever. Other than that he only had 8 yards for 8 carries. 

Grade: C


Receiving wise the team pulled in 17 catches for 150 yards with Josh Doctson leading with 3 receptions for 51 yards. 


Offensive line

The Defense broke through for three sacks taking 19 yards in total but we still went 17-25 for passing. 

Grade: C

Overall offense

Grade: C

Defensive line 

No sacks but we held them to 130 yard rushing I guess that’s something. 

Grade: C


63 tackles for the team but eagles had 306 passing yards and 130 rushing yards soo I’ll let you come to that conclusion 

Grade: D


Brought in their share of tackles Norman pulled an interception in but once again 306 passing yards and 130 rushing. 

Grade: D

Overall defense

Not horrible but we’ve definitely seen better. Grade: D

Special teams

Dustin Hopkins (K) 2/2 on field goals and Tress Way (P) just punting away making returns challenging. 


Coaching staff

need players to execute effectively but need better calls

Grade: C

Final Words

We’re doomed for the season 

Grade: A

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