Redskins Embarrassed By Falcons 38-14

I do not want to talk about this. I really do not want to talk about this. But unfortunately this is my job, so strap in ladies and gentlemen I am about to unleash the fury (shoutout to the Capitals).

The Washington Redskins had another chance to prove themselves today against the Atlanta Falcons. Another chance to gain some respect from the national media. And what did they do? Embarrass themselves yet again.

Let’s start with that supposed “shutdown defense.” The Falcons turned them into Swiss cheese today, going for 491 yards today (they didn’t even punt until the end of the third quarter). That second ranked run defense? Shredded for 154 rushing yards. Oh but the team traded for Haha Clinton Dix, surely the “flight marshalls” would have a nice game? NOPE! They fell off the face of the earth as Matt Ryan carved the secondary for 337 yards.

And then we get to the offense. It was really a mix of lack of preparation and my growing suspicion that the sports gods hate this team as three offensive linemen (Shaun Lauvao, Morgan Moses, Brandon Scherff) went down with injuries and this is AFTER Trent Williams was ruled out for this game. The only bright spot of this game was the emergence of Maurice Harris, who went for 124 yards.

And then we get to the topic of penalties. I will make no excuses for this team, this was an embarrassment on both sides of the ball, but the refs were certainly the icing on the cake. Washington was called were called for 10 penalties for 147 yards. That is absolutely unacceptable. If this team wants respect from the rest of the country, they will need to be more consistent. All this being said, the Redskins still lead the NFC East by a game. Everybody breathe.

Redskins will head to Tampa Bay to face the Buccaneers next week.

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