Redskins add on to the lost column

The Washington Redskins lost to the Buffalo Bills early Sunday as they tried to search for a win in what is looking like a dreadful season.

Adrian Peterson (RB) of the Redskins lead in rushing for the game pulling in 108 yards for 18 carries while Devin Singletary followed right behind with 20 carries for 95 yards and a touchdown. The Redskins pulling in 15 receptions for 144 yards with Paul Richardson‘s  four receptions for 42 yards leading the way for receivers while the Bills grabbed 14 receptions for 160 yards with John brown leading the way with 4 receptions for 76 yards.

Dwayne Haskins (QB) started for the first time in his NFL career was able to complete 15 of 22 passes for 144 yards while giving up four sacks right behind Josh Allen who completed 14/20 passes for 160 yards giving up two sacks.

The Redskins are in for a long season as playoffs aren’t an option anymore as they drop to 1-8. This point the goal is to make the record not look so bad and prepare for next season. The Redskins look for a win next week as they take on the 1-7 New York Jets hopefully looking at an easy win but both teams will be pushing to prove them selfs.

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