Ravens reportedly considering Chuck Pagano or Vic Fangio for vacant defensive coordinator job

For the first time in 6 years, the Ravens defensive coordinator job is vacant as former DC Dean Pees officially heads towards retirement.


The Ravens didn’t waste any time searching for candidates after their crushing and season-ending defeat against the lifeless Bengals. Many throughout social media blamed the outcome on Dean Pees’ play call on 4th and 12 which was a disguised zone after playing man during that whole drive, but this had nothing to do with his announcement as it got leaked the night before.


Two days after finishing the season 9-7, the Ravens are reportedly focusing their search on to former Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano and Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio as potential candidates for the vacancy.


Both these candidates have history in Baltimore, here’s a more detailed look:


Chuck Pagano

Since losing his head coaching job with the Colts, Pagano has reportedly been contacted by the Ravens and as of right now is the main candidate.

All rights and credit belong to Baltimore Ravens media. I do not own this picture.

Pagano hyping up his Ravens defense before kickoff in 2011! (All rights and credit belong to Ravens media and individual photographer. I do not own this picture.)

Pagano was the defensive coordinator in Baltimore in 2011 before leaving or Indianapolis the following year. During that 12-4 season, the Pagano led Ravens defense finished the season ranked third overall. Here’s a more detailed look at those Pagano’s time in Baltimore.


Defensive Category/Coach Chuck Pagano(2011-12) Dean Pees(2017-18)
Rank 3rd 10th
Points per game 16.6 18.9
Yards(Rush/Pass) 93/196 111/214
Turnovers(FUM/INT) 21/15 12/22
Sacks 48 41


Pagano’s defense with the Colts this season was one of the worst in the league, not because of poor coaching but due to lack of talent. That shouldn’t be a problem he’d face in Baltimore as depth stands to be a strength for Baltimore, especially after free agency and the draft.


If Pagano does end up in Baltimore, I’d expect him to help produce a similar season to 2011 as he’ll have endless weapons at his disposal on all aspects of the defense and I’m sure Ozzie will add on to the arsenal in the coming nine months.


Vic Fangio


Vic Fangio in Ravens 2009 training camp(All rights and credit belong to Keith Allison. I do not own this picture.)

I’m sure most Ravens fans haven’t heard of this name at all or at least for a while but believe it or not Fangio has been in the league for the past 31 years(13 longer than Pees & Pagano). In fact, he was with the Ravens from 2006-2009 as the Linebackers coach.


Fangio is one of the most experienced candidates for this defensive coordinator position and the fact that he has been with Baltimore in the past might help make this position more enticing.


Fangio has been defensive coordinator in this league for 18 seasons with teams like the Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers(during 2012 Super Bowl vs. Ravens) and is currently with the Chicago Bears.


Fangio’s best season as a defensive coordinator was with the San Francisco 49ers in 2012 which was also the same year the Ravens beat his team in the Super Bowl. Here’s a side by side comparison of his 2012 season with Dean Pees previous one.


Defensive Category/Coach Vic Fangio(2011-2012) Dean Pees(2017-18)
Rank 3rd 10th
Points allowed per game 17.1 18.9
Yards(Rush/Pass) 94.2/200.2 111/214
Turnovers(FUM/INT) 15/14 12/22
Sacks 48 41


Fangio’s name has been floating throughout the league and has been rumored to draw interest from multiple teams including the Green Bay Packers who just fired defensive coordinator Dom Capers after 9 years with the team and even the Chicago Bears who are looking to fill in their head coach vacancy.


The only tangible thing as of right now is the contact made between the Ravens and Pagano. As of now, it looks like the Ravens might make Pagano their priority but man it’d be great to have who Bears defenders call the “mastermind” Vic Fangio.


At the present, these Pagano and Fangio reportedly seem to be the Ravens priorities, but the Ravens do have a history of promoting from within the organization so one other candidate to watch out for is Don “Wink” Martindale.


Personal take

Personally, I would love to see Pagano back in town because his success in Baltimore led the Ravens to one of their best seasons as a defense. And it makes it a lot easier when he already has a great relationship with John Harbaugh.


Harbaugh considers Pagano’s ability to relate with the players he coaches as one of his most outstanding qualities as a coach, a quality which the Ravens defense will need in order to make use of all the young talent drafted these past couples of seasons.

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