Ravens report card: The defense and special teams 10/12/2014

http://static.nfl.com/static/content/public/pg-photo/2013/06/17/0ap2000000212704/jimmy-smith-db-baltimore-ravens_pg_600.jpgThe Baltimore Ravens beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 to 17.  All the Buccaneers points were made in garbage time.  For the report card on the offense go here.

Defensive line: This was the best game for the defensive line this season.  The Ravens had five sacks and hut the Buccaneers quarterback just about every play.  The defense also shut down the running game for most of the game.  Grade A

Linebackers: C.J. Mosley lead the Ravens again in tackles with eight.  Daryl Smith also had another great game.  Terrell Suggs had his best game so far with constant pressure and a sack.  Elvis Dumervil had 1.5 sacks.  Great play by the linebackers.   Grade A

Secondary: The secondary gave up some late plays. Jimmy Smith got his first interception of the season and had another great game.  Most of the Bucs yardage came in garbage time.  Grade B

Overall:  Another great game by the defense that is finally starting to pressure quarterbacks.  The secondary is still improving and getting healthy but a great game.  Grade A

Special Teams:  A long field goal attempt by Justin Tucker was blocked but the Ravens continued to play great on special teams.  Grade B

Coaching staff:  To go anywhere and dominate this early and this fast the coaching staff had to be doing something right.  Grade A

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