Ravens Preview: 9/30/18

As the Baltimore Ravens (2-1) host the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1-1) tonight on Sunday Night Football the Ravens will be looking to bring home a victory as they renew this bitter rivalry with the Steelers. The game will kick off at 8:20PM at Heinz field covered by NBC. This match up is expected to be close as out of the last 13 match ups between these rivals, 9 games were decided with Four point or fewer lead.


This will be an interesting game as in the pass both teams brought a tough defense and this season both teams have excellent offenses.¬† So far this season Joe Flacco has gone 82-129 for 889 yards with six touchdowns and only two interceptions. While competitor Ben Roethlisberger also known as “Big Ben” has gone 92-139 with 1140 Yards with seven touchdowns and four interceptions. While the Steelers have a 55.6% Predicted chance of winning the Ravens will be bringing everything they have to be sure that they take a victory. The Ravens have averaged 32.3 points a game and only allowed 17 points a game while the Steelers only averaged 29.3 yards a game and allowed 30 points a game.


With both teams dealing with injured players (check our injury report http://marylandsportsblog.com/ravens-steelers-injur-report-and-game-status-9-28-2018/) both teams are missing key players but will definitely not let it bother them.

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