Ravens lose final two OTA’s of this week, due to rule infractions

The Baltimore Ravens have been penalized for violating NFLPA’s practice policies.  Well, this is not good to say the least.

This last happened to the Ravens in 2016 when they lost three practices and John Harbaugh was fined 500,000 dollars. Going off memory, that fine was because Harbaugh put the players in pads for kickoff drills.

Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome both put out statements in response to these fines. The theme behind the statements is that there was lots of physicality during a pass defensive drill that went too far. Harbaugh said that sometimes the rookies and veterans take it too far because of the level of physicality they are used to. Check them out below.

This also happened in 2010 when the Ravens had to cancel a week of practice due to “the intensity and tempo of drill” said the NFL and NFLPA in a joint statement.

The Ravens will return to the field for Mandatory Minicamp June 12-14.


Here is the Ravens press release.






“We are vigilant about practicing within the Collective Bargaining Rules. I am. John [Harbaugh] and his assistants are. I attend every practice and then watch the practices again on video. I see how the coaching staff teaches, corrects and addresses issues immediately on the field. In meetings, I have watched John’s presentation to his players and assistants regarding how to properly practice and the pace of these sessions. We have players competing, including rookies and those fighting to make our team. Sometimes breaking old practice habits of these players, especially rookies, takes more repetitions. We’ll continue to be vigilant about this.”



“We take very seriously reading, understanding, abiding by and playing by the rules. Our coaches, staff and players have worked extremely hard to run the offseason program according to all the Collective Bargaining Agreement rules. Our team has been singled out for pass coverage contact during the early part of OTAs. We have heavily emphasized these CBA pass coverage rules in meetings, and coached them diligently on the practice field. It has also been our priority to include our veteran players, along with new Ravens who have practiced and played for other teams, in the process and use their input and ideas. Even with consistent and repeated teaching, these rules pose considerable adjustments for the young players. We have tried very hard to eliminate contact in pass coverage during OTAs, even so far as to pull players out of practice who struggle with these adjustments. I am confident we have done everything within our power and ability to practice within the rules, and we will continue to focus on preparing, teaching and practicing the right way.”





The Baltimore Ravens will forfeit two Organized Team Activity (OTA) days (June 7 and 8), and both the club and head coach John Harbaugh have been fined under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for a violation of the offseason workout rules.




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