Ravens handle difficult situation with class

96px-Ray_Rice_2012It is undeniable that the Ray Rice story will invoke some form of a reaction in all of us. Whether it’s outrage or disappointment, pure anger and animosity or perhaps an ambivalence to the NFL, it is completely natural and expected that this indictment would spark some form of emotion in us all. We’re fans and we care about the team and the players. Maybe you wish to condemn Ray Rice or maybe you want to forgive but just can’t forget. It’s not my place to tell you how to feel but know I’m there too. Struggling to find the balance of condemning the actions and showing sympathy to his fiancée while still wanting to forgive Ray Rice. It’s not easy. Yet, somehow the Baltimore Ravens set a remarkable example of how to do it.  As Brian Hradsky already said here that these situations can sometimes be a distraction and hard for some teams to handle.

From www.baltimoreravens.com
The team statement: “This is part of the due process for Ray. We know there is more to Ray Rice than this one incident.”

The owner’s statement: “I know how terribly disappointing it is to Ray and his fiancée, how embarrassing it is for them. I have compassion for him.” –Owner Steve Bisciotti
Those two statements are excellent examples of why I hold the Baltimore Ravens in such high regard. Why I have some much respect for the organization. Because the Baltimore Ravens are a business but they didn’t make statements like a business. They made statements like a family. They know who Ray Rice is and they have compassion for him. They understand there is a due process and punishment may well be coming for Ray Rice and ultimately they’ll need to make a decision on his future but it is clear they haven’t forgotten who Ray Rice is. They have compassion for him, like you would for a member of your family.
There’s bound to be discussion over whether you would want Ray Rice on your favorite team and how you should feel if he’s kept on the roster. It’s a fair question. It’s how fans react and we get to be fans. But whatever your decision personally is and regardless of the ultimate fallout from this tragic situation turns out to be, at least as fans of the Baltimore Ravens we know the organization has handled itself with class and respect. Sometimes that’s all you can hope for. In a difficult situation, such as this is, knowing that the organization you’ve invested in emotionally and often financially it’s a relief to see them handle themselves so well. Proud of the Ravens.

Brian Hradsky

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