Ravens Five Keys To Success Week Four

As the Baltimore Ravens (2-1) take on their rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1-1) they will be looking to bring home a victory just as they did last week. Here are this weeks five keys to success for the Ravens.


First key is picking up more yards per play, last week the Ravens were able to pull off about six yards per pass and about three yards per run so they definitely need to be sure they’re gaining more yards, as that will get them closer to the end zone faster. While they gain more yards per play the defense needs to be sure that the Steelers don’t gain many or any yards per play.

Second thing the Ravens need is defense, as I mentioned in the first key the defense needs to step up and put stops to the offense. The more stops the more time for the Ravens to bring in points the more time the ravens have the better especially if they maximize every drive for some type of points.

While the Ravens defense makes sure the Steelers offense doesn’t go anywhere the Ravens offense needs to be sure they don’t let the Steelers defense stop them from going anywhere.That means they need to be mixing plays and not just passing or running they need to be unpredictable to the defense if the defense can predict their next play they wont go anywhere.

Special teams needs to pull plays if the Ravens could get some returns for touchdowns or even just make sure they are 100% for field goals that will help bring home a victory. While making sure field goals are a 100% they also need to be sure they’re punting far enough that it’s inside the Steelers 20 yard line, but not a touch back.

Fifth and final key to success is not having penalties of any kind. Last week the Ravens only had 7-52 in penalties this week of course they need to work for none even though that’s usually not possible if there are penalties they need to be sure its not simple, preventable penalties like delay of game for example or false start.



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