Ravens Awesome Game/Dolphins Dirty Play

Last night’s Ravens 40-0 win against the Dolphins gave Raven’s fans a glimmer of hope that the team is alive (especially the defense) but it also gave us a look at disrespectful and violent attacks on our players from the other team.

Lets start with the vicious hit on Joe Flacco by Kiko Alonso.  Tony Romo, in his game commentary said that Alonso “leans it down” and was “way to aggressive” on a quarterback that had “given himself up”.  Romo called it a cheap shot, and that Alonso could have “throttled it back” before the hit.  Yahoo Sports Reporter Frank Schwab wrote an article titled, “Kiko Alonso set out to hurt Joe Flacco, and knocked him out of the game.”  Others have called this hit “vicious”, a “horror hit”, a “cheap shot” and have said that if this hit was made on Tom Brady, the perpetrator would have been ejected from the game. But it wasn’t Brady, it was Joe Flacco – a good ole quarterback who was the victim of an unnecessary brutal hit by Alonso.  (https://youtu.be/C4M1O0X5488)

But the attacks on Ravens didn’t stop there.  Ndamukong Suh was at it again last night.  His reputation for being a huge bully and dirty player was confirmed last night.  Suh goes offsides, pushes Ryan Mallett quite hard, and Mallet comes back at him.  Then Suh grabs Mallett by the throat and pushes him back again.  Then Suh pokes Austin Howard in the eye during the scuffle.

From a Mother’s Perspective, Alonso needs to be suspended for many games, not just one, and fined a significant amount of money for the vicious attack on Joe Flacco.

Suh needs to be suspended for the throat grab on Mallett and for the eye poke he delivered to Austin Howard.  He also needs to be fined a significant amount of money for his constant disregard for the game, his unstopping unnecessary physical attacks on opponents, for being a very dirty player (poking someone in the eye…..), and he needs to be placed on warning that if he doesn’t stop his dirty play he will be out for the rest of the season.

The Dolphin organization needs to be fined for their part in the vicious play against the Ravens.  The Coaching staff needs to be able to control players like Alonso and Suh.

Football is a beautiful game when played well.  It is not necessary to play dirty.

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