Rangers at Capitals, a noon time showdown in DC

Today the Capitals play the Rangers for a matinee game. The team has been on a two game winning streak because they’re doing a ton of things right. There is actually not much to complain about. Let’s look at some keys to winning the game today.

The Capitals need to continue to be aggressive in the offensive zone. Great passing, getting the defense on their toes, and wearing them out needs to continue to be a focus. This catches the opposing goalie off guard as he can’t always follow the puck if a screen is set up.

The penalty kill has been exceptional and Tom Wilson even scored short handed in the previous game. If the penalty killers stay aggressive and also continue to get the puck out of the defensive zone on their first attempt, then the team can switch out players and keep everyone fresh. This is one of the most important keys of winning todays game.

Finally, the defense has been superb, by breaking up plays, passes, and staying aggressive. This is a great turnaround from the four game losing streak where the defense was questioned. By doing this you limit the oppertunities the other team has to score, and allows the goalie to stay fresh and alert.

The game is at 12:30 pm on NBC Sports Washington and can be heard on 106.7 fm.

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