Matt Cappotelli – Rochester NY Native

At approximately 3:30am Matt Cappotelli passed away after a long battle with brain cancer.

Cappotelli is best known for his time on WWE Tough Enough season 3. In that season he was involved in a big story line where Hardcore Bob Holly was working with him and busted him open. Cappotelli went on to be a co winner with his close friend John Hennigan.

After winning Tough Enough Cappotelli went to Ohio Valley Wrestling to continue his training. While there Cappotelli won the OVW Heavyweight Championship. Shortly after his championship win Cappotelli was diagnosed with astrocytoma and released the OVW title to undergo surgery.

Cappotelli went on to become a trainer at OVW and other schools after this.

Many of Cappotelli’s friends in wrestling have taken to twitter to share stories and well wishes to his friends and family

Matt Cappotelli is survived by his wife Lindsay Cappotelli. Matt was 38 years old. The staff here at Maryland Sports Blog sends our condolences to Matt’s friends and family

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