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300px-Darren_O'Day_on_April_24,_2012O DAY O DAY O DAY O DAY!!!! The Baltimore Orioles right-handed pitcher Darren O’Day has earned his own chants in Baltimore.  The Orioles aquired O’Day off waivers from the Texas Rangers during the offseason prior to the 2012 season and has become a fan favorite.

Before coming to the Orioles, O’Day was a bit of a journey man as he was with three teams, the New York Mets, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Rangers.  O’Day made his debut with the Angels in 2008.  The Mets selected O’Day in the Rule 5 draft in 2008 and the Rangers claimed O’Day off waivers in 2009.  O’Day never found a place on any of those teams.

O’Day has been stellar since joining the Orioles and has emerged as a set up man for the Orioles.  O’Day is one of the few pitchers in the major leagues that throws a submarine style.  The special style that O’Day throws from makes it hard for pitching coaches to give O’Day pitching advice, so O’Day is basically his own pitching coach.

O’Day throws hard for a submarine pitcher with a high 80’s fastball that seems to rise at the plate.  O’Day has been effective against both right and left handed batters.

In 2012, O’Day had a 7 and 1 record and a 2.18 era, he was vital to the Orioles making the playoffs.  O’Day was also a workforce pitching in 69 games.  2013 was also a good year for O’Day, he recorded two saves and had a 2.18 era.  All of O’Day’s stats were very similar in both 2012 and 2013.

I think O’Day will have continued success with the Orioles.  O’Day rarely walks batters and gets a lot of ground ball outs which works well with the great Orioles defense.  O’Day has been very good at throwing strikes and does not really get on bad streaks.

In the locker room O’Day has a goofy personality and is quick to joke to the media.  O’Day is a hard worker and has always fit well in the Orioles locker room.

Off the field O’Day is married to Elizabeth Prann, a reporter for Fox News.

Here is a good video on O’Day.

Here are some of O’Day’s stats.


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