Heyman and Bischoff named WWE Executive Directors

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, WWE has officially promoted both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors.

Heyman will take over things for Monday Night Raw, while Bischoff will run things for Smackdown Live. Both guys will still have to report to WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

The positions are full-time. With Smackdown Live moving to Fox in the fall, Bischoff will work directly with the executives on their end too.

WWE later confirmed the news on their website as well.

This is huge news for WWE. Fans like myself will have nostalgia back to the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars between WCW and WWE. Bischoff ran WCW, while Heyman was the mastermind behind those three letters still chanted today, ECW.

These are still two of the best minds in the wrestling business today. They both have made plenty of mistakes over the years when they were in charge, but both have had a lot of success as well. These guys know wrestling and, hopefully, have learned from their past.

Is this a direct response to AEW? Is this because of the low ratings, bad storylines, or poor booking? I feel it is a combination of all the above, plus the Fox deal for Smackdown Live as well. You cannot go to a new network without putting your best foot forward. Fox has expressed that on many occasions, since the deal was done last year.

At the end of the day, I hope this works out. We have to be patient as wrestling fans and give Heyman and Bischoff time to make things happen. This is not a quick fix. Wrestling fans nowadays are so hard to please.

I wish both men all the best and look forward to seeing what they do to make the WWE product better.

Chris Durham

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    Can’t Wait To See What Will Happpen. I hope new storylines

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