Palmer’s Parlays Week 1: Ravens vs Dolphins

     This season for the Ravens fans and casual sports bettor, I will be giving you a series of free weekly single bet locks. All bets will be based on odds from Parx Casino Sportsbook in Philadelphia, PA and using a $100 beginning bankroll. For full parlay picks and bigger payouts follow me on Instagram @Hardshellfilms.

     The first lock I have for week 1 against the Dolphins, is Ravens covering as 7 point favorites. Due to the Dolphins lack of a pass protection, weapons on the outside, and average at best run defense, I have the Ravens easily winning the game 27-10. The payout odds for Ravens covering are -110, and for the beginner sports bettor that simply means it takes $110 to profit $100. I’m confident in this so I’m putting down $50 and that payout is $95.50 

     My next lock is 1st half points scored by the Ravens. The over/under is at 10.5 and I’m taking the over. A touchdown and 2 field goals will do the trick. I don’t have the Dolphins moving the ball much on offense, that means good starting field position and quicker drives for our offense. The odds on this bet is a generous -107, so I’m making a $25 bet which will have a $48.50 payout.

     Lastly is the Halftime/ Full Time bet. This is betting on who has the lead at half time and who wins the game. This should be a wire to wire victory for the Ravens so I’m betting the last $25 on Ravens/Ravens with -162 odds for a payout of $40.50. For all three bets that will lead to a total profit of $84.50. You can spend ten of that on a celebration drink and save the rest for Week 2 against the Cardinals. 

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