Ravens take DT Jernigan

The Baltimore Ravens have selected defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan with their second round pick in the 2014 NFL draft.  The Ravens are staying true to their “take the best play available” draft method.

Jernigan was projected to be a first round pick but had maturity issues and questions.  The Ravens needed to replay Arthur Jones and Jernigan could be the player to do that.
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Pearce leads the way: Orioles sweep the Rays

Just imagine if Chris Davis wouldn’t have been hurt. Would Steve Pearce show his face again in an Orioles uniform?

Steve Wayne Pearce, a native of Lakeland, Florida, has never batted more than 165 times in one season, and that was with Pittsburgh in 2009. That was the same season in which he rapped 13 doubles, a career high. He’s been with the Twins and Yankees and we actually paid cash for his services in June of 2012. In other words, he’s not a starter.

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Orioles lineup versus the Astros game one

Photo: Greg Mac
Photo: Greg Mac

The Baltimore Orioles start a three game series with the Houston Astros tonight. The Astros have 11 wins and 24 loses which makes them the worst team in the entire Major Leagues. The Astros have former Orioles Scott Feldman pitching for them tonight who has a two and one record and a 1.69 era, keep in mind he is coming off the disabled list.

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Johnny Football to the Browns is worst case scenario

800px-Johnny_ManzielThe Cleveland Browns selected Johnny Manziel last night with the 22nd overall pick in the draft. As I said here I think that Manziel will be a huge draft bust, now I am really sticking with my gut. The Ravens will get to play the great “College” quarterback twice a year.  Going to the Browns has to be a worst case scenario for Manziel who still needs to learn how to be a potcket passer and will play in the hard nose AFC North.

The AFC North is a tough division, it is where the big boys play and I do not think Manziel is big enough to play six games a season against the Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals. The quarterbacks in the AFC North have to be big to withstand the hits that come in the division. Manziel is only 210 pounds, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger are both about 240 pounds and still have come away with injuries.

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