Orioles took over Nationals park, will it happen to Camden


The Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals play less than an hour apart.  A lot of the fanbase is shared and mixed in.  It was obvious Monday that tons of Orioles fans were at Nationals Park.  There were so many Orioles fans that when Anthony Rendon hit a home run an Orioles fan caught it and threw it back.  Something that usually does not happen in a teams home ballpark. 

When the Orioles got the lead in the 11th inning most of the Nationals fans were gone and the Orioles fans stayed.  It is obvious that the Orioles have the stronger and older fanbase.  The Nationals still have a growing and young fanbase and I can see some traveling to Baltimore to visit Camden Yards.

Some of the Nationals fans on twitter were complaining how the Orioles fans were acting.  As an Orioles fan I know all too well how it feels to have Camden taken over by Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee fans, it is not fun.  The Red Sox and Yankees fans were always trying to make Camden their home yard. 

As a fan when I have visited other ballparks to cheer for my team I do so to experience the culture of that city and to cheer on my team.  I never insult or heckle the home team.  It is being a respectful thing to do. 

I think there will be less Nationals fans at Camden then we saw Orioles fans at Nationals Park.  There will still be a good number.  Fans need to remember that the Orioles and Nationals have a friendly rivalry, they do not play in the same division. 

For fans going to the games in this series, be nice and respectful.  Enjoy cheering on your team. 

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