Orioles sign Saunders


The Baltimore Orioles have signed Joe Saunders to a minor league deal.  Saunders will head to Triple-A Norfolk and pitch as a reliever.  Saunders is 33 years old and has bounced around from team to team this season. 

Saunders grew up an Orioles fan and helped the Orioles during the 2012 playoff run.  Saunders is from Virginia and will get to play in his home state for his favorite team.


This season Saunders has a 6.13 era and a 0 and five record.  Hopefully Saunders can find new life out of the bullpen.  Saunders is a control pitcher but could become a situational lefty. 

Age has effected Saunders, his stuff definitely is not the same as it was in the past.

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