Orioles Rumor Roundup (November 13 – November 19)

With news being rather slow this week in the baseball world, here are the latest Orioles rumors from last week.

Orioles are interested in signing Alex Cobb

Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi reported this past Friday that the Orioles are interested in Alex Cobb, and honestly, this makes complete sense. Cobb has dominated the Orioles, and quite frankly the rest of the AL East also. Cobb’s experience in pitching against some of the best lineups in baseball just adds to the value that he would bring to the O’s rotation. After few a few lackluster seasons and Tommy John surgery, Alex Cobb looks to put this all behind him and return to his 2013 form. In that season, Cobb posted an 11-3 record with an impressive 2.76 ERA. It makes sense, but will the Orioles fork out the money for this signing?

Orioles are interested in signing Lance Lynn

Another report from aforementioned Jon Morosi, the Orioles are interested starting pitcher Lance Lynn. For me, at least, Lance Lynn does not fit the mold the Orioles are looking for. Lynn has never had to be the ace of a rotation, and on the Orioles, you will be expected to post those numbers. Lynn has never pitched in a tough division before. The NL Central, for the majority of Lynn’s career, has been very mediocre. As you can see in Morosi’s tweet, and what I mentioned above, the Orioles value experience in the AL East. Lynn does not have that, and for that reason, I cannot see a scenario where Lynn is wearing an O’s uniform.

Orioles are interested in signing Tyler Chatwood

I think this is the oddest rumor of the week, the Orioles are interested in Tyler Chatwood, first reported by Jon Morosi. Chatwood finished the 2017 season with an  8-17 record and an ugly 4.69 ERA. He does not fit the bill of what the O’s would want, and also what Orioles fans have been clamoring for. Chatwood, to me, would just be another Yovani Gallardo or Ubaldo for the O’s. I would love this potential signing if the Orioles were only looking for a number three or four starter, but when the Orioles are in search of a work-horse, Chatwood is not that guy.

The hot stove has yet to heat up, but with more and more rumors coming out, you can only hope to see moves happen. I expect the first move to come within the next couple days, and once that first ball drops, the hot stove will start to boil. Oriole fans will be hoping to see an aggressive winter from Dan Duquette; who must be on the hot seat. It is now or never for the O’s, so now we wait and see.

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