Orioles midseason report card: The starting pitchers

gausman-pitching-glasses-orange-sidebarComing into the season the starting pitching was a bit in question, I actually liked all our starters but they have had their ups and downs.  The Baltimore Orioles for the most part have had six starters this season which is unlike the past few seasons in which it seemed like the Orioles rotation was changing every week.  This is my report card for the Orioles starting pitching staff.

Chris Tillman: Tillman was the Orioles opening day starter and has very well for the most part but had a rough few games.  Tillman went through a groin injury but still started all his games.  Tillman’s numbers would be outstanding if not for that groin injury.  Look for Tillman to have a strong second half.  Tillman has a 4.11 era and a seven and five record.  Grade B

Ubaldo Jimenez:  The Orioles biggest free agent and biggest disappointment Jimenez has struggled to really put things together for a long period of time.  Jimenez has either been hot or cold and has had trouble throwing strikes.  Jimenez has 60 walks which leads the league, not something that you want to be leading the league in.  Jimenez’s era is 4.51 which is not terrible but definitely not what the Orioles were hoping for.  Jimenez is historically a slow starter so hopefully he can have a strong second half.  Grade D

Wei-Yin Chen:  Chen leads the Orioles with nine wins and has been well average.  Chen has struggled to go deep into games but has put together decent games throughout the season.  Chen has given the Orioles just enough to win ball games.  Chen has had a lot of run support which has worked in his favor.  Chen has a 4.15 era which is not terrible but not great.  Grade B

Bud Norris: Norris has been the Orioles best starter this season.  Norris has gone deep into just about every game and has really been an innings eater for the Orioles.  Norris has a 3.93 era and a seven and six record, the run support has not been there for Norris.  Norris has been one of the Orioles bad luck pitchers this season.  Grade A

Kevin Gausman:  Gausman has had infrequent starts but has still made the most out of it.  The Orioles have been trying to save his innings and watch his pitches to keep him healthy.  Gausman has been a stud while starting with a 3.29 era and a four and two record.  Gausman has even been able to get deep into games.  Look for more good things from Gausman.  Grade A

Miguel Gonzalez:  Gonzalez has been a bit of a mystery this season, he either pitches very well or very bad.  Gonzalez pitched great in his last two starts before the All-Star break but before then he struggled to get deep into ball games and was getting hit hard.  Gonzalez has a losing record with four wins and five losses but his era is actually pretty good at 4.04.  Grade C

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