Orioles Midseason Grades

Adam Jones– The power has been there but sometimes he looks like a catcher playing center field. He has regressed in the field and has not improved at the plate. He swings at too many balls to be elite. Grade: D+

Nick Markakis– Markakis has done everything he can for this team. The home run numbers have dropped but he is still hitting doubles and has a career high in batting average. Grade: B+

Corey Patterson– Who would’ve thought Patterson would be intentionally walked so the pitcher could face Miguel Tejada; this happened against the Texas Rangers several nights ago. Patterson has provided more than a spark, he has been one of the best hitters for the Orioles. Grade: A

Ty Wigginton– Ty might’ve been the lone Orioles All-Star, but his offense has dropped since the start of the season. He has been a great team player for the Orioles and provided power. Grade: B

Luke Scott– Stats-wise, Luke may be hitting well, but he does not always show good plate discipline. He is a veteran that should know what pitches to swing at and in what counts. Striking out after getting a 3-0 count makes it hard to give Scott a high grade. Grade: C

Matt Wieters– His defense has been great but his offensive numbers have dropped from last year. He started off the season well so maybe his offensive struggles are from wear-and-tear. Grade: C

Cesar Izturis– He gets a higher grade than some players that have higher offensive numbers because his job is to play good defense. His bat has been better than I expected and he has had to work with a lot a variety of second basemen. Grade: C+

Miguel Tejada– Miggy’s defense has been terrible and his offense has not been consistent. Not the player he used to be. Grade: C

Nolan Reimold– This one hurts, I almost want to give him a pass with all the things that have been going on with him. Grade: F

Felix Pie– He would be getting a solid A+ if he could stay healthy. Grade: B

Kevin Millwood– He started off the season pitching great, but was let down his teammates lack of run support. Who knows, his inability to secure a win early on might have worn on him. With that being said, he has been good at eating up innings. Grade: C+

Craig Tatum– For a backup catcher Tatum has done everything anyone could ask of him. Grade: B+

Jeremy Guthrie– He has pitched better than I thought he would and like all the other Orioles pitchers has had little run support. Grade: C+

Brian Matusz– Again, in what seems like a recurring theme: has had very little run support. Matusz has had his ups and down but for the most part, he has been average to above average. Grade: C+

Jason Berken– Is there a higher grade than A+? I’ll admit it, I wrote this guy off last year after getting rocked as a starter. Without a doubt, he has found his niche in the bullpen. Grade: A++

David Hernandez– Much like Berken, he could not make it as a starter but has found a home in the bullpen. Grade: B

Alfredo Simon– For a starter to be thrown into the closer’s role right after Tommy John surgery, you can not ask for much more from Simon. Grade: B+

Chris Tillman– He showed huge improvement in his last start, taking a no hitter into the seventh inning against a vaunted Rangers offense. If this success continues in the second half, an A might in store for him. Grade: D+

Julio Lugo– This guy represents everything that is what is wrong with the Orioles. His attitude has got to change. Grade: F

Mark Hendrickson– In short, he is worse than last year. His responsibility is to be an innings eater and has failed to do so many times this season. Grade: D

Garrett Atkins– It pained me to even type his name. If it was a number rating it would be in the negatives. Power hitter that can not hit for power or average. Grade: Z

Matt Albers– If only he could pitch the way he eats. In all honesty, Fatt Alb…I mean Matt Albers has pitched better lately. Grade: E+

Brad Bergesen– Two freak injuries have really messed up his mechanics. What a shame. Grade: D

Jake Arrieta– He has had his struggles but has also shown great potential. Grade: B

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5 Responses

  1. Avi M says:

    You left out some… Meredith, Mata, Bell, Ohman, Uehara, Johnson, Gonzalez, Mickolio, Castillo, Montanez, and maybe more. While some like Bell and Gonzalez have had short stints, you included Reimold, so there should be no exception. Ohman has appeared in 47, Meredith 21, Mata and Castillo 14, and Uehara 11. Not like these guys are one game guys. Probably would have been better if you organized it a bit in terms of position and all, as opposed to a giant list of random players.

    Have to also disagree with a lot of what you put up. Going through pitching first:

    It is difficult to compare a lot due to leaving out Ohman, but giving Albers the E+ is totally unnecessary. He has had many spurts of goodness that show the great movement on his fastball that the Birds saw in him in the first place. With a 4.63 ERA, worse than that is Matusz, Meredith, Millwood, Bergy, Mickolio, Mata, Castillo, and Gonzalez. Once again, it is hard to tell based on you leaving so many pitchers out, but with a .257 batting average against Albers for opposing teams, his season has not been as bad as you are making it out to be.

    Hernandez may have found a solid spot in the bullpen, but he still has a lot of command issues. He had the 20:7 or something like that K:BB in Spring Training, but it is up to 50:34 right now (horrific 27:28 in his 8 starts). He blew his third save opportunity when the team plugged him there with Alfredo’s DL stint, and has been iffy when it comes to getting guys out in an efficient manner. Due to the beginning of the season and the questionable outings still coming, the grade should definitely be lower than a B.

    Berken has been good, but dude, face it, he’s not a superhuman. He is not even top 10 ERA. Deserves an A, but I’m not sure on all the added hype you put on that grade.


    Your grades here were kind of just your biased thoughts on how you felt about each player. Julio Lugo (F) has an average 9 points higher than Ty Wigginton (B), that being .261 – .252. Yes, there is power involved, but c’mon man. An F? For coming in as what most thought would be a utility infielder and ending up providing the team with some clutch hits and a solid .984 fielding percentage, he deserves better.

    Atkins was a nice guy. He never talked back, and fully respected the team and its decisions. Have the decency to give the guy an F, without needing to overdo it with a Z. I hated him on the team, but he was a quality human being while here.

    Cesar Izturis has the 2nd best fielding pct. in all of baseball (.990) and a batting average of .240, which nobody ever expected. He is a guy who is thought to come out and put up about .220/0/30, but stabilize the infield defensively. A C+ may be a bit low on him.

  2. I should add them Meredith, Mata, Bell, Ohman, Uehara, Johnson, Gonzalez, Mickolio, Castillo, and Montanez. The Baltimore Sun didn’t even have some of those guys though in their rankings. It’s hard to grade all of them.

    I’m not gonna give Albers a good grade when half the time he is in is garbage time. I actually just saw the joke my editor added in, my original draft was more complimentary of Albers.

    Lugo deserves an F, his defense has been bad at times, he didn’t hustle for the first 2 months of the season and barely hit .200 for a while. Lugo may have a better average than Wiggy but Wiggy has played the game right and has hit for 14 Home runs compared to Lugo’s ZERO and Wiggy also has a lot more doubles.

    I’m not giving Atkins a better grade just because he is a nice guy, end of story on that one. The Z was meant to be a joke.

    I thought Izturis’s grade was fair I would have graded him higher but couldn’t find a reason to give a 9 hole hitter a B on a team that’s as bad as the Orioles.

    Berken has been awesome, especially compared what I thought he was gonna do. I did not even think he would make the team and he has been one of our best pitchers. Not unbeatable but still great.

  3. Avi M says:

    I didn’t ask what The Sun had. So because they leave some guys out, you can’t include them? Either way, very difficult to follow the list anyways.

    So a reliever who is on at times and off at times should be judged by the worst appearances he has? In that case, give each and every one of the players on this team an F. Between April 28 and May 19, Albers had only 1 earned run over 9.1 IP in 9 appearances (.99 ERA in 9 straight games is not too shabby). That comment about half the time this and half the time that is garbage itself. So he isn’t stellar, but he is surely better than half the guys out there. He has his positive moments, along with his negative ones. Just because he has some funny nicknames doesn’t mean he is all that bad compared to the others. Before making this, you should have looked at stats a bit to see the truth in these guys. Then, Millwood wouldn’t have a C grade. You know why? He has a .307 BAA! That stat is a disgrace to the Orioles, let alone all of Major League Baseball!

    With all due respect to Wigginton, his bat died in June. It went back to ‘ole Wiggy style of .220 baseball. While Ty beats out Lugo is almost every slugging offensive category, that has nothing to do with Lugo beating odds and as a what was supposed to be utility infielder has come in and hit .261 in 176 at-bats. His hustle is up in the air, yes. But then how do you explain Wiggy’s antics? He bounced a ball down the 1st base line in NY and when approached for the tag, back-pedaled towards home plate. He may jog a bit faster than Lugo at times, but has no idea how to run the bases.

    In 30 games at 1B for the Orioles, Atkins made only 1 error, giving him a .996 fielding pct. there. That alone gives the guy a regular grade, for at least going out on the defensive end and doing his job well. Joke at the plate, yes. Never disagreed with that. But if all you are going by is his hitting stats and not fielding or even who he was, then these grades are useless.

    So Izturis doesn’t get a better grade because he hits in the 9th spot in the order on the Baltimore Orioles? You use that against him? He doesn’t write out the lineup card each day. How does that even make sense? Your comparison tool on that one is pure stupidity.

    So because he beat your expectations, Berken gets an A++ (or more)? You made it clear with Izturis that you judged these players including the fact that they play for this organization. That fact, for all it’s worth, should give no player any grade in the ‘A’ range. So don’t use concepts for judging one guy and then not the next. That’s more than biased and not respectable writing one bit.

  4. How many times has Lugo been picked off, the guy is a veteran that plays like a rookie. He sucks get over it, I don’t know one other person who thinks he has played well. Lugo hasn’t always played hard I can’t take him seriously.

    Wiggy was supposed to be a utility guy too giving your logic with Lugo Wiggy would be an A+. I know Wiggy has struggled but he still has 14 home runs, should have 15.

    Atkins was a first basemen, they aren’t supposed to have any errors. It’s where all the none skill none speed guys play, supposed to be the easiest position. I’m not grading on fielding percentage alone.

    It says something about Izturis that he is the number 9 hitter on the worst team in baseball. If he was any better he would be hitting a little higher.

    Berken has a 2.22 ERA that is why he gets an A.

    I already said Albers probably does deserve a higher grade but most of the time I have seen him pitch it has been when the game is out of hand and I usually see him give up a run. Yes he had some good outings but overall not so great. I might bump him up to a D+ or C.

  5. If i was really being bias I would have given Wieters and Markakis A’s

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