Options for the Orioles outfield

The Baltimore Orioles as most of you know lost Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz. Cruz went to the Seattle Mariners for four year $57 million. Markakis went to the Atlanta Braves for four years $44 million.

My opinion is that Cruz is a huge loss and the Orioles excuse for not getting him was because they were worried about 2018. My theory is if you have Cruz for 2014 you are a top three American League favorite. Markakis on the other hand was not a huge loss. Everyone in Baltimore seemed like the franchise was going to be terrible again after this move and was in outrage but we completely over value Markakis. Markakis was a decent hitter that should have been batting number two and he was at best an average fielder at this point in his career. Now I’m going to give some replacements.

Nori Aioki– Aioki was with the Kansas City Royals last season and I think would be a good fit in Baltimore. Aioki is an average fielder but could be a much better lead off hitter for the Orioles. Aoki could be a suitable replacement for Markakis.

Colby Rasmus– Rasmus was with the Toronto Blue Jays for the past few seasons and has under preformed. Rasmus was a top notch prospect at points with the St. Louis Cardinals. Rasmus has good power and could be a good replacement to fit in Left Field or Right Field.

Emilio Bonifacio– Bonifacio could be a good lead off hitter with his speed and potential to steal. Bonifacio is a very versitle player also who could play many positions including outfield.

Michael Morse– Morse is a hot name around town lately but no we have tried this already. Morse is a good pinch hitter in the National League and that’s all he is.

Melky Cabera– Cabera would be a really good pick up for this team. He is around a .300 hitter and a decent fielder. Cabera’s only problem is the steroid issue but the Orioles showed last year they’re willing to take chances on these type of guys.

I think everyone agrees the Orioles need to get at least one outfielder. The Orioles have Alejandro De Aza who is serviceable but he can only  play left field or right field and the Orioles need at least one. I will say watch out for David Lough after his first 100 bats last year he was a .280 hitter and Lough has a great glove and speed.


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