Between Rounds: Olympics Or Octagon Gold Is The Only Option

What if I told you that Bellator made a major discovery that could change the face of Women’s MMA? What if I told you that they had signed a Woman who was intelligent and driven, humble yet confident. A woman who was one of sexiest models in the world, who’s curves were as dangerous as her head kicks. Equipped with Olympic level fighting skills and a master in taekwondo. Born to fight, she say’s it is in her blood. Raised on martial arts from a young age trained to be a fierce fighter quick to strike with deadly accuracy. What if I told you this Woman was all this and much more and yet she was only 20 years old? Crazy might be a word you would use to describe me. Perhaps you would laugh it off saying they must have went to planet Krypton and got Supergirl. Maybe you would say she must come from an Amazon island and she is Wonder Woman. Possibly you think they went through time and got a female terminator. There are many things you might think. Here is what you should know.

Valerie Loureda is indeed all those things and so much more. Fighting out of Miami Florida this 20 year old Taekwondo master is changing the game. Valerie trains with American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla Standing 5’4″ and last weighing in at 123.5 pounds she is as explosive as any fighter you have ever seen. Passing up on her once Olympic dreams to pursue greatness in the Octagon Valerie will accept nothing less than being the best. Debuting as a Pro at Bellator 216 she shined in a first round TKO of Colby Fletcher. Valerie knows that she will be viewed as a beautiful woman and looked upon as a sex symbol. She also makes a living as a model and she is proud of her looks and a body she has worked so hard to perfect. The difference is she refuses to be known only for her looks. She will force the world to acknowledge the fact she is the most well rounded Woman in all of MMA. Loureda is so vastly superior in her taekwondo and has dove head first into learning her jiu-jitsu and traditional striking skills. She truly believes she is on a path to be the very best Woman in all of MMA.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to watch her career unfold from the start. Watching her grow as both a fighter and a young Woman as she propels to the top of the fight game. Deeply rooted in family her father has helped train her since she was a child. Her mother is battling with leukemia but made her way to watch her daughter debut. Valerie has always taken it upon herself to look after her younger sisters and try to help her family anyway she can. Make no mistake she is the future of Women’s MMA and one of the most amazing young women you could ever ask to meet. America’s sweetheart has a new name Valerie Loureda. I can’t wait to watch this sensational sweetheart take the division by storm. As for you do whatever you like, as for me I won’t ever bet against the “Miami Master” Valerie Loureda.

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Damon Smith

I am the new writer for combat sports such as UFC, Bellator, Boxing and WWE here with MSB. I have been involved in pro wrestling on the Indie circuit for over 20 years as Devin Storm. Owner of Rampage All-Star Wrestling and talent manager and announcer for a few other promotions. An avid sports fan born and raised in Texas. I am married to my beautiful wife Jodi and have two sons Dustin and Dalton. Life long passion for Pro Wrestling and love MMA so getting this gig was amazing for me. You can expect not only WWE and UFC news but also some gems from other promotions in these two sports. So buckle up buttercup it's gonna be a wild ride. Follow me on twitter at @damonsmith34 and @MSBFightClub

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