NXT recap for 5/1/2019

Another week of NXT is in the books. We had the usual set up with matches, backstage segments, and the debut of a new superstar on this weeks episode. Plus more tension within one of the hottest groups in wrestling The Undisputed Era. It all makes for an interesting show. Let’s get into the recap.

We kick things off with a 6 man tag team match. Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Humberto Carrillo vs The Forgotten Sons. I had a feeling this match would take place based off of last weeks actions with these men. Oney had some great offense going early in the match. Humberto continues to impress me with his athleticism. It was on display here in this match. The Forgotten Sons continue to work well together as a team. After a failed clothesline attempt by Lorcan, The Forgotten Sons surround Danny Burch in the ring. He tries to fight them all off but it’s not enough. The Forgotten Sons pick up the win here. This is a pretty simple feud with these guys but I wanna see more. All of these guys can work so it will be interesting to see where this feud goes from here.

Cathy Kelley interviews Shayna Baszler as she enters Full Sail with her crew, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Kelley ask does Shayna does she have any remorse for her recent actions against Kairi Sane and Io Shirai. She says it can be found buried with the pirate and her friend Io. Kelley goes on to ask was this strategy because Shirai has pinned you twice and you have yet to pin her. Shayna pauses, smacks the mic out of Kelley’s hand and walks off. This clearly sets up a title match between Io Shirai and Shayna in the future. That will be an answer match.

We go to the performance center where Mia Yim and Bianca Belair are exchanging words with each it. Belair tells Yim to keep her name out her mouth. She gets really sassy with her. Yim isn’t backing down at all and speaks right up to her. Belair walks off. She asks whoever is recording what are they looking at and to get out of her face. It was announced that next week these two ladies will meet one on one in a match. This should be a good one.

Our next match of the night was between Dominik Dijakovic and Mansoor. This had to be the surprise of the night. I figured this would be a squash match. I was pleasantly surprised. Mansoor held his own against Dijakovic. Dijakovic tired to hit the big boot on Mansoor at the beginning of the match. Mansoor countered it. Dominik tossed Mansoor over the top rope and into the barricade like a rag doll. It looked painful. I figured that was it. Mansoor kept fighting. He hit this amazing move where he stood on Dominik’s knee and hit him with a kick. It was very impressive. Dijakovic picks up the win with what looks like to be a reverse GTS. I like the move. Much respect to Mansoor. He really showed a lot of heart here.

At the end of the match, The Velveteen Dream comes out. He is brought to the stage on a couch by two ladies. The Dream says he heard Dominik had some words for him. Well, he had some in return. So true that they are red, white, and blue. Velveteen goes on to sing his version of the National Anthem. He insults Buddy Murphy and Matt Riddle in his song. After he was done he said just like that dream over. I love Velveteen. He needs to stay in NXT because I’m scared of what could happen to him on the main roster. Along with many of the other talents on the brand.

It was announced that next week Matt Riddle will take on Adam Cole (Bay Bay) in a match. They show highlights from last weeks contest between Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong. We get the Undisputed Era backstage in one of their NWO style promos from back in the day. Kyle O’ Reilly says that Johnny Gargano’s a lucky man and is on borrowed time. Bobby Fish chimes in and says it’s not about last week but it’s about next week match with Cole and Riddle.

Cole says that the Undisputed Era is as strong as ever. They look at the future and not the past. He mentions how Strong dropped the ball last week. Strong did not take that to well. He walks off. Cole responds by saying that Strong can’t take a joke or loss like a man. Fish says the timing was all wrong by Cole. Fish goes after Strong. The segment ends with O Reilly saying we will get thru this. I’m loving this tension within the group. I hope they don’t split up but it seems like Roderick Strong is on his way out the group. This will continue to make for good TV with these guys.

The main event for this week was Kassius Ohno vs Kushida who’s making his NXT debut. This is Ohno’s first match in a while on the regular NXT show. He’s been working on the NXT UK brand as of late. Kushida had a very cool entrance. I was a bit confused by his attire until Mauro Ranallo mentioned it. Kushida is going for a Back to the Future look. He’s copying Marty McFly. I love it.

Kushida tries to shake hands with Ohno to start off the match. Ohno just kicks his hand away. Kushida got a little bloody during the match. Ohno drove him face first into the mat which caused his nose to bleed. Kushida got in some decent moves throughout the match. He gets his first victory in NXT by making Ohno tap out to the Kimura lock that he calls the Hoverboard. I expected a little more but overall the match wasn’t bad. I think it would have been better with a smaller opponent but that’s just me.

Another good showing from the black and yellow brand. There is a lot to keep an eye moving forward. What’s next for Kushida in NXT? How will all this tension play out with the Undisputed Era? Who’s the next challenger for Johnny Gargano’s NXT Title? Who will be your new tag team champions since the War Raiders/Viking Raiders are on the main roster now? Why was the feud with Keith Lee and Dominik dropped for the feud with Velveteen? Hopefully, we get the answers to these and many other questions on the brand in the coming weeks. If you wanna hear me talk more about the NXT brand, check out my podcast with my good friend Keda Hubbard as we discuss NXT each week on the We Talk Next Podcast. It can be found on Podbean. I’ll post a link to last weeks episode below. Follow me and the show on Twiter as well. I’ll post that too. Until next time, take care and continue to support NXT!


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