No, Don Cherry, Kuznetsov is not a jerk

Hockey commentator Don Cherry and Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov currently have a little feud. It all started when Cherry insulted Kuzy for his signature bird celebration. Cherry repeatedly called Kuzy a “jerk” in this clip.

Well Kuzy’s bird celebrationhas been talked about before and Kuzy has stated that he does the celebration for his daughter. LuY has said that if he scores a goal and does not do the bird his daughter gets upset.

Kuzy has never had a lack of words. Here is Kuzy’s response.

The response that Cherry should check his record suggests that Kuzy actually did some research into Cherry before his response. Cherry was pretty much a career minor league player and coached in the NHL.

Kuzy had a good response and is far from a jerk. Kuzy has never gotten in any trouble off the ice in Russia or America. Kuzy, while using colorful language, has always been honest and fun with the Capitals media.

There has been near nothing negative said about Kuzy personally until Cherry called him a “jerk”. Yes, Kuzy has let foul language slip on live TV, but keep in mind that Kuzy went to hockey school and not a regular school.

Kuzy did not learn English until he came to the United States. He has picked up the English language very quickly and delivers very fun interviews.

Cherry’s only basis for calling Kuzy a “jerk” is his celebration he does for his daughter, and he is wrong. Kuzy is a very talented player and brings a lot of energy to the Capitals and his teammates, especially Tom Wilson who is willing to fight for him.

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