NHL will not Suspend Anton Stralman After Dirty Hit to Tom Wilson

Anton Stralman will not be suspended or fined for his board against Tom Wilson in game three. Wilson was sidelined for a short period of time and spent time in the locker room.

Wilson after the game quoted after the game, “It’s a vulnerable position, and no doubt there’s contact with my head. If I’m wearing a helmet from five years ago, I think I’m probably unconscious,” Wilson said.

Wilson is well known for his aggressive style of play, and felt like he’s got a target on his back due to it. George Parros who’s in change of player safety in the NHL has made a decision after not reviewing this call.

Stralman is seen also leaving his feet to hit Wilson. According to rule 42.1 of the NHL RuleBook leaving your feet is considered a charging penalty, so Stralman boarded and charged Wilson, but Parros is supposed to be in charge of “player safety” right?

I understand as a former player players get caught up in the moment, and having high adrenaline you make plays that you look back on and admit it was an illegal play, but at the end of the day George Parros has a tough job. No matter what he calls he’s going to make one fan base upset and one happy.

Capitals fans where upset and questioned that Michal Kempny was fined $2,419.35 for his cross-check to Cedric Paquette in game 2, but I guess illegal contact is allowed towards Capitals players and is ok for whoever plays the Capitals. Replay of the hit can be seen below. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/wilson-stralman-hit-100-per-cent-im-suspended/

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