NHL Player Safety proves its Pens Bias by not suspending Guentzel

The NHL Player Safety suspended Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson three-games last week for an “illegal” hit to the head. In game five Jake Guentzel hit Caps defenseman John Carlson up high on an unsuspecting helmet to helmet hit.

Carlson was clearly shaken up and was slow to get off the ice and looked woozy. Carlson missed some critical shifts but looked of in his post game presser. Guentzel’s hit was clearly helmet to helmet and the damage may not have been as big as Wilson’s hit but the principal point of contact is the same.

Now Guentzel’s hit will likely get ignored by the NHL Player Safety but it just shows how terrible Wilson’s suspension was. Both players had a helmet to helmet hit in critical games of a series.
Going back to Wilson’s hit which I still think was just a completely clean hard shoulder to shoulder hit. Wilson’s contact started with the shoulder and both players were going full speed at each other.

On the Guentzel’s hit he clearly knew Carlson was not suspecting anything and clearly got the head first. I think the Guentzel hit is way worse because Guentzel knew Carlson was in a bad position.

Capitals head coach Barry Trotz did not like the hit.

The NHL Player Safety did not even have a hearing Guentzel simply because Carlson was only minorly hurt or because he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins it proves their true intentions in suspending Wilson.

In my opinion the NHL just proved that they have a bias towards the Penguins which has been widely suspected for years. By giving Guentzel a free pass on a dirty head shot.

What is far is far helmet to helmet hits should all be treated the same. NHL knows what they are doing here.

The Capitals have a three to two series lead. The NHL knows that if they suspended Guentzel one of their best players the Pens chances would be slim. The NHL just gave them a free pass on a headshot to keep them in the series.

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