NFL Week 5 Start Em’ Sit Em’ 2018-2019

Another week of Fantasy Football is yet to be played is about to continue on from Thursday’s matchup and we at Maryland Sports Blog are here to give you our starts and sits for the week. Credit to Matt Bachota for coming up with the players for the starts and sits.


Start: Matt Ryan and Jared Goff

First, Matt Ryan is a automatic start due to him already having two 30+ point performances, and he’s playing a weak Steelers defense that gave up 22.22 points in standard leagues to Joe Flacco last week. Next, Jared Goff is a start since he has a ton of weapons at his disposal with the likes of Todd Gurley, Cooper Kupp, Brandin Cooks, and Robert Woods. Additionally, Goff is coming off a 39 point performance against a top defense in the Minnesota Vikings and he faces a weak Seahawks secondary without Earl Thomas.

Sit: Dak Prescott and Baker Mayfield

Dak Prescott isn’t exactly the perfect fantasy Quarterback for many owners, as he isn’t known for putting up huge games. Adding on, Prescott faces a great Texans front seven and will most likely be forced to throw short passes or hand it to Ezekiel Elliott. Next, Baker Mayfield faces a top 5 defense in the Baltimore Ravens who obliterated the Steelers despite scoring 14 points.

Running Backs:

Start: TJ Yeldon and Chris Thompson

First, Jaguars star Halfback, Leonard Fournette, is out for this week and TJ Yeldon has filled that role well over the course of the last few weeks. Secondly, Chris Thompson faces a Saints defense that has given up tons of points so far this season. Additionally, Thompson is due for a breakout game as he will most likely split carries with Adrian Peterson.

Sit: LeSean McCoy and Lamar Miller

For starters, LeSean McCoy has been the biggest fantasy bust this season, so expect him not to have a huge numbers game. Then, Lamar Miller will most likely split the workload with Alfred Blue, so his production significantly decreases.

Wide Recievers:

Start: John Brown and Kenny Stills

John Brown has been the best pass catcher for the Ravens this season as he had a huge game against the Steelers last week, so expect him to get plenty of opportunities for catches and Touchdowns. Next, Kenny Stills may have had an up and down season thus far, but he faces a weak Bengals secondary, so expect for him to have solid production today.

Sit: Corey Davis and Sammy Watkins

First, Corey Davis may have had a miraculous touchdown to win the game for the Titans in an upset fashion, but don’t expect Marcus Mariota to have a great game week in and week out. Moreover, Sammy Watkins will yet again fight for ball time with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce catching most of Patrick Mahomes’ passes.

Tight Ends:

Start: Vance McDonald and Austin Hooper

Vance McDonald is coming off two breakout games, so expect him to continue to recieve the ball for a good amount of time. Next, Austin Hooper is eventually due to have a solid game for fantasy, and he faces a week Steelers defense who gave up 26 points to the Ravens last week.

Sit: Benjamin Watson and Charles Clay

Benjamin Watson isn’t going to get a ton of playing time, so he’s a sit against the Redskins. Next, Charles Clay plays for arguably the worst team in Football, so expect him not to have a great season at all.


Start: Mason Crosby and Matt Bryant

Both Crosby and Bryant play for two superb offenses, so expect them to rack up points today as they face weak defenses in the Lions and Steelers defense.

Sit: Chris Boswell and Josh Lambo

Chris Boswell is a sit due to him yet again missing field goals at a pretty consistent rate. Next, Lambo isn’t exactly the best kicker in the league, and he will most likely not get too many opportunities today.


Start: Titans and Panthers

The Titans are a automatic start due to them playing one of the worst offenses in the Buffalo Bills. Next, the Panthers are also a start due to them facing the Giants awful offensive line.

Sit: Seahawks and Dolphins

The Seahawks are a sit due to them playing a top tier offense in the Rams. Next, the Dolphins are a sit since they play the surprise of the season, the Bengals, who have scored a ton of points this year.

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