Navy Men’s Lacrosse Stunned #9 Syracuse

Today the #14 Navy Midshipmen took care of business in Syracuse, NY, by beating #9 Syracuse University.

Going into the last nine seconds of the game, the score was tied, 12 each. Joe Varello (Navy) met his brother Dan Varello (Syracuse) for the faceoff which would ultimately determine a win or overtime.

Joe won the faceoff, took the ball all the way, shot, and scored, in the literal last second of the game.

Preceding the faceoff, Navy’s John Salcedo assisted Jack Ray with the #12 goal, with the nine seconds left of the quarter/game.

For J. Varello to be the hero in this game, is ironic, as he was suspended indefinitely back in February for violating Naval Academy rules.

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Bethany Redman

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