Nationals showing interest in J.T. Realmuto and Christian Yelich

The Washington Nationals have been fairly quiet this offseason. However, they’re many rumors flowing about the Nats obtaining J.T. Realmuto and Christian Yelich through a trade. If the Nationals choose to trade for Realmuto and Yelich, they would have to deal with a problem in the outfield because they would have 6-8 outfielders depending on who they trade.

Acquiring Yelich could create chemistry problems early in the season because the Nats starting outfield has not had much experience together due to Adam Eaton’s ACL tear in early April. J.T. Realmuto would most likely be a better fit for the Nationals because Matt Wieters has struggled with the team ever since he signed the 2 year, 21 million dollar deal. Adding J.T. Realmuto would bring more power to the bating lineup of the Nationals, and they could pursue a World Series with an proven catcher. Christian Yelich has a contract through 2023( 7 years, $49,750,0000), while J.T. Realmuto has a contract through 2021. One way the Nationals could obtain these two star players is trading their top prospects for them as Miami will most likley pursue Victor Robles.

In my opinion, the Nationals should try to avoid trading Victor Robles, decide to trade for only Realmuto, and obtain as much as they can in the deal.

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