Nationals Lose Season Opener to Yankees 4-1 in 5 Innings

Just based on how the year 2020 has been so far, I think anyone could have predicted what was going to happen tonight. The first major American sports game since March, wasn’t even a full game. After just five innings rain has spoiled the returning champions return.

Pre-game, everything was perfect. The announcing of the starting lineups on the field and banner raising even brought a tear to my eye. Even watching Dr. Fauci throw an awful first pitch made me happy. But things started to dwindle quickly for the Nats, starting early. In just the first inning, Max Scherzer allowed one of his signature first-inning home runs on a two-run bomb to left-center field by the Nationals kryptonite Giancarlo Stanton.

In the bottom of the first, the Nats were able to bounce back due to a solo homer from Adam ‘spanky’ Eaton. That solo homer, the only hit for the Nats in the shortened five-inning game. Gerrit Cole only allowed two other guys on base in his Yankee debut, hitting Eric Thames with a pitch, and walking Asdrubal Cabrera.

After the first inning, Scherzer was able to get into his grove in the second, striking out the side. In the 3rd however, Max started off the inning rough with a walk to Tyler Wade who later scored all the way from first on a double off the bat of Aaron Judge to left.

Scherzers struggles then continued later in the top of the 5th, loading the bases and allowing a run once again off of the bat of Giancarlo Stanton, this time an RBI single to right field. This, the last of the runs that Max gave up, and the last full inning that he pitched before the game was stopped in the top of the 6th.

The Nationals next game is Saturday at 7:15 on FOX.

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