Washington Nationals Lineup: 8/24/2018

Nationals lineup for 8/24/2018

Washington Nationals Lineup: 8/24/2018

Here’s the Washington Nationals lineup for tonight’s game at the New York Mets. (It’s Players Weekend, the uniform #’s are provided to help you along.)

(#7) Triple Trea – SS
(#6) Ant – 3B
(#34) Mondo – RF
(#11) Zim – 1B
(#22) JuanJo – LF
(#32) Maui – C
(#3) Miggy – CF
(#1) El De – 2B
(#47) Double G – P

After taking two out three against the second-place Phillies, the Nationals head to NYC to face the 56-71 Mets.

Washington sends Gio Gonzalez (7-10, 4.51 ERA) to the mound. New York counters with Jason Vargas (3-8, 7.67 ERA).

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