MSB Staff Picks For WWE Money In The Bank PPV

WWE’s Money In The Bank pay-per-view is Sunday. To see the full card you can go to
this link to review this Sunday’s card.

Here is some of our staff’s picks for Sunday. If you’re a fan of wrestling, check out our weekly podcast
Perched On The Top Rope.

1. Nakamura becomes the new Heavyweight Champion

2. Rousey wins her first title becoming Raw Women’s Champion

3. Asuka wins her first title becoming SmackDown’s Women Champion

4. Balor wins Money In The Bank Briefcase

5. Charlotte wins Money In The Bank Briefcase

6. Rollins retains Intercontinental Championship

7. Reigns defeats Jinder Mahal

8. Bryan defeats Big Cass

9. Lashley defeats Sami Zayn

10. Bludgeon Brothers retains SmackDown Tag Team Championship

11. Deleter of Worlds retains Raw Tag Team Championship

Lee (me)

1. AJ Styles retains The Heavyweight Title over Nakamura. The feud lately sees Nakamura with the upper hand, and he won the right to pick the stipulation.

2. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey wins the match. I am not saying she becomes champion because I feel she wins by disqualification.

3. Asuka defeats Carmella to becomes SmackDown’s Women’s Champion.

4.  The Miz wins Money In The Bank Briefcase

5. Nattie wins Money In The Bank Briefcase

6. I want Elias to win but I feel as though Seth Rollins retains The Intercontinental Title.

7. Reigns defeats Jinder Mahal, and in my opinion, this is the match nobody cares about.

8. Big Cass defeats Daniel Bryan. I think this leads to a rubber match with some sort of special stipulation to it.

9. Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn is a Reigns versus Mahal match. A match nobody cars about due to poor storyline. Lashley wins the match.

10.  Bludgeon Brothers retains SmackDown Tag Team Titles

11. The Deleter of World’s retain the Raw Tag Team Titles


1. Styles vs nakamura double count out


3.Asuka by dq

4.Braun for MITB match

5. Ember moon for MITB

6. Rollins

7. Reigns

8. Bryan

9. Lashley

10.Bludgeon Brothers

11. Deleters of World’s over B Team


1. WWE Title Match: Nakamura

2. Raw Women’s Title: Rousey

3. SmackDown Live Women’s Title: Asuka

4. Men’s ladder match: I’m going with The Miz.

5. Women’s ladder match: Ember Moon

6. I.C Title Match: Rollins

7. Reigns beats Jinder

8. Lashley beats Zayn

9. Bryan beats Cass

10. SmackDown Live Tag Titles: Gallows and Anderson over the Bludgeon Brother’s

11. Deleter of World’s over The B Team


1. Nakamura – New Heavyweight Champion

2. Nia Jax  retains Raw Women’s Champion

3. Asuka – New SmackDown Women’s Champion

4. Braun Strowman – Men’s MITB

5. Alexa Bliss – Women’s MITB

6. Elias – New IC Champion

7. Roman Reigns beats Jinder Mahal

8. Bobby Lashley beats Sami Zayn

9. Daniel Bryan beats Big Cass

10.  The Bludgeon Brothers retain SmackDown Tag Team Titles

11. Woken Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt retain Raw Tag Team Titles

What are your predictions? Write in the comment section who you think will win this Sunday at Money In The Bank!

Lee Walker

I have an Associates Degree from Cayuga Community College & two Bachelors degrees from SUNY Oswego! I grew up on professional wrestling.

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