.@TPeace19 Recaps the Women’s Main Event match and Triple H vs. Batista from WM35

Triple H vs. Batista

Triple H and Batista delivered a fantastic match on Sunday at Wrestlemania 35. In what was billed as a No Holds Barred match and if Triple H lost he would have to retire from in-ring competition. The Cerebral Assassin delivered a sledgehammer blow to the Animal’s dome, thanks to the Ntature Boy Ric Flair with the assist of handing Hunter the sledgehammer, and then a pedigree followed by a 1-2-3, and Triple H was victorious in what was an excellent match. 

The feud started back during the celebration for Smackdown 3,000 and when Evolution came out and Batista ruffled the now WWE Executive VP’s feathers by saying he has never beaten the Animal. 

And then just a couple weeks ago at the 70th birthday bash for Flair on RAW, the now Guardians of the Galaxy star ambushed the Nature Boy in his dressing room and dragged him out by his shirt and it definitely got Triple H’s attention. 

Batista wanted a match against Hunter at Mania and Triple H agreed to it. The Mania match lasted a little over twenty-minutes. Both men battled. One awesome spot during the match was when Triple H speared Batista through the German announce table. And Triple H hit Batista across the hit with a toolbox. The Cerebral Assassin got a pair of pliers out from the toolbox and snapped Batista’s nose ring from his nose which was a pretty gruesome but cool spot. 

Triple H is always creative when it comes to his Wrestlemania entrances and this past Sunday he delivered again with a Mad Max-like entrance. 

After the match, Batista announced his retirement from pro wrestling via Twitter. 

Womens Main Event

The hottest storyline going into Wrestlemania 35 was the first ever women’s main event that featured SmackDown Women’s champion Charlotte Flair, RAW Women’s champion Ronda Rousey and fan favorite Becky Lynch in a Winner Take All Triple threat match. 

A year ago, Lynch was on the Wrestlemania pre-show, ever since The Man has been proving to the folks that run the WWE that she belongs in the main event picture at this years Wrestlemania. 

The match on Sunday…,I mean early Monday morning when the main event finally happened after 15 other matches took place on the seven hour show, was actually a excellent battle for the most part. 

It was really the first time seeing Rousey and Lynch go at it in the ring. 

Charlotte being the top women’s wrestler in the company definitely had some close moments where she could have pulled off the victory. The Spanish Fly off the top rope onto Lynch was a thing of beauty. But Lynch kicked out before the referee could count to three. 

But Lynch came out victorious as she rolled up Rousey for the 1-2-3 and captured both of the women’s titles. 

The ending has left an opening for a future match between Lynch and Rousey.

The only negative about the match was that it went on too late. The energy from the crowd was gone by the time the main event started.

Charlotte had the best entrance out of the three wrestlers though as the Queen fly in via helicopter.

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