McMahon’s Rotten To The Core

Smackdown rounded the curve last night as we head to Wrestlemania. Feuds boiled to a head and talents made their statement for a match on the biggest stage of them all. Once again both Shane and Vince McMahon showed they were rotten to the core.

Miz kicked off the show with an impressive promo detailing the betrayal committed against him by Shane. Lighting the fuse what should be an explosive match at Mania. Miz spoke his own past atrocities and broken friendships he has left along his path to success. Family came into play as Shane not only emotionally assaulted Miz’s father but also physically as well. To say this one is personal would be a vast understatement. Wrestlemania is headed down a dark road for these two and I expect a head on collision.

Finally the Women’s tag team champions Bayley and Sasha Banks showed up on Smackdown to give the blue brand a boost. Quickly “The IIconics” Billie Kay and Peyton Royce showed up at ringside to challenge the champs. After a little trash talk and couple laughs with the challengers the match was set. “Boss and Hug connection” were in control early and it looked as though the “The IIconics” were outmatched. How quickly things can change as the tide turned in the favor of our Australian assailants and Billie and Peyton stole a victory from the champs. Being a non title match no harm was actually done right? Not so fast friends, there is more to this win. Expect “The IIconics” to petition this win into a place at the table at Wrestlemania where I expect WWE to set up a 4 way Women’s tag title match. Sasha and Bayley defending against Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka, Natalya Hart and Beth Pheonix and now add Billie and Peyton. Had the WWE left out Nia and Tamina and went with the Riott Squad it would have been even better.

Kofi Kingston stood facing the unenviable task of a gauntlet match against 5 hand picked assassins by Vince. Kingston’s one path to Wrestlemania went through Cesaro, Sheamus, Rowan. Samoa Joe and “The Viper” Randy Orton. Sheamus started it off and Kofi took a beating to his back but pulled out a great win. Cesaro followed suit and again went straight to work on Kofi’s back. After a grueling match Kingston again found a path to victory and the crowd cheered loudly. Rowan was next and the big man was relentless delivering a brutal beatdown on Kingston before being disqualified for using a steel chair as he wrapped it across the back of our damaged hero. Win is a win and Kofi moved on to Samoa Joe. Joe was in control and continuing the assault when Kofi found his opening and stole a win from the US champ. Furious Joe locked on his submission and put Kofi to sleep , a problem as Randy Orton was headed to the ring. Kingston fought brilliantly but there was just noway he could win this one, or was there? Out of nowhere Kofi lands trouble in paradise but Orton is able to roll out of the ring. Exhausted Kofi made one last rally defying the odds and defying Vince in his bid to keep Kofi out of Wrestlemania. Fans erupted and the arena was rocking Kofi had done the impossible he has won the gauntlet match. Que McMahons music as you know the old saying, “You got no chance, that’s what you got” Vince made Kofi face yet another opponent in the WWE champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan was vicious and calculating and Kofi had nothing left in the tank falling victim to the WWE champion. Kofi wasn’t going to Wrestlemania.

The madness and mayhem that is Vince McMahon the betrayal by Shane McMahon. Proving yet again that they are indeed rotten to the core The posturing and positioning continue but what path can Kofi take to arrive at his desired destination? Only two weeks remain before Mania (as far as RAW and Smackdown go) and time is running out….

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