Maryland looks to Shell-Shock Charlotte

Cowabunga dudes! Maryland was able to shine up their shell and showed plenty of Turtle Power in a 31 – 10 win against Buffalo in their first game of the season. Maryland did not take any bull from Buffalo as they dominated every facet of the game, including an impressive performance from freshman running back Roman Hemby. On the scene, Hemby was a cool teen doin’ ninja things shredding the defense for 114-yards on seven carries.

Mike Locksley will look to continue his renaissance artistry of the program on Saturday against the Charlotte 49ers as they remain rock steady towards the Big 10 schedule. The 49ers will enter the game 0-2 after getting bebopped in games to both Florida Atlantic and William and Mary.

Charlotte is led by Sensei Will Healy who emerged as Charlotte’s head coach in 2018. Healy was fresh off winning the 2017 Eddie Robinson Award for FCS Coach of the year award. Where he transformed Austin Peay’s sewer filled record 1 – 49 then “Booyakasha” the Governors went 8 – 1.

During his career in Charlotte, Healy won games against Gardner-Webb, UMass, North Texas, Marshall and he would lead the 49ers to their first ever win over a Power Five opponent in ACC’s Duke University. However, this year seems to be a rebuilding year as they have found very little success in their first two games of the season.

Maryland won a comfortable game at home against Buffalo, and will travel to Charlotte for its first road game of the season. Maryland will enter the game as a heavy favorite with most betting sites having Maryland giving 28 points. However, the win left some fans wanting more. Local Maryland fan Adam Boland said “It was not exactly the most exciting way to start the season. It was like eating pizza. Sure, its good, but where was all the flavor we were hoping for?”

Normally, I would suggest that Maryland will use these opportunities to go extremes out of the gates like laser beams to electrify its fan base like Boland by throwing the ball early and often and putting 70 points up for all media outlets to showcase their highlights and add some flavor for the program (See 79 points versus Howard, 63 points versus Towson, and 63 points versus Syracuse) but those wins quickly came crashing down as they were dismantled like mousers later in conference play.

My speculation is that Maryland has higher aspirations than Baxter Stockman this season and looks to emerge from the shadows to make their moves. While keeping their playbook a secret, they will be oozing to unleash their full capability on Big 10 opponents Michigan and Michigan State arriving in weeks four and five.  

This mutation in the offense means a heavier workload for Hemby and Antwain Littleton throughout the first half as they tunnel their way through the 49ers defense like the Technodrome. I would speculate that the majority of starters will vanish from the game after halftime if possible. Specifically, I do not see Dontay Demus playing for more than a series, and expect Rakim Jarrett and Jeshaun “Casey” Jones to tubular spin the foot soldiers of Charlotte on third downs. Should the game be closer than anticipated, I expect Tualia Tagovailoa to go “Last Ronin” style on Charlotte and lead Maryland to victory by himself.


Charlottes simply does not have enough to compete in this game. When they attack, these turtle boys won’t cut them no slack. They will be anxious to play at home and prove the last two weeks are not indicative of their players. The Niners will play inspired ball for the first quarter, but they simply do not have the athletes that Maryland has. Maryland should do everything they want on the offensive side of the ball and walk out with a 35 – 6 victory.

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