Mannyball, AKA The Bryce is Right: November 9, 2018

We would like to introduce to you a segment for the 2018 MLB offseason. Mannyball, AKA The Bryce is Right will be a segment about the free agencies of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado. These will be recaps of events that happened during the week about the rumors swirling around The Kid and Mr. Miami.

BRYCE HARPER: It was revealed on Wednesday per Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post that Harper rejected an offer from the Nationals in September. The offer was worth three hundred million dollars for a total of ten years. It was on Thursday that the Yankees were considering either trading a star outfielder (most likely Aaron Hicks) and then signing Harper, or transitioning him to first base. Ken Rosenthal reported Wednesday that Harper wants a bigger contract than the one Yankees OF Giancarlo Stanton signed with the Marlins in 2014. That was worth a staggering three-hundred twenty five million dollars for a total of thirteen years. The Nats knew he wouldn’t accept the offer. The Nationals have said they will continue to go after Bryce, but they will join a crowded field of teams. Right now, the top contenders seem to be the Giants, Cardinals, and Phillies. What’s certain is it looks as if he will stay in the NL.

MANNY MACHADO: The former Oriole is officially on the market. The only reason we are tracking him is because of it. That and the fact that both him and Harper are expected to get the biggest contracts this offseason. Machado earlier this week was eyed on by the Mets, but CBS Sports is reporting that the Mets will not pursue Machado in the offseason. The team that everyone speculates will sign Machado is the Phillies, which should be more of their focus instead of Harper as Philadelphia already has a decent starting outfield in Altherr, Williams, and Herrera. In their annual offseason predictions, MLB Trade Rumors suggested that the Phillies sign Machado for a staggering thirteen-year, three hundred ninety million dollars. Machado is also in the plans for another likely Yankees signing, and then the less of a chance teams like the Cardinals, Tigers, and White Sox.


That’s this weeks news on Bryce and Manny. Join us next Friday, November 16, and we will tell you more details in Mannyball, AKA The Bryce is Right.

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