Mannyball: AKA The Bryce is Right; November 30

Unlike I sure expected, not much news about The Kid and Mr. Miami this week. There wasn’t much to work with this week, but here’s the new developments we’ve learned.

BRYCE HARPER: On Thursday, a USA Today article came out saying that Harper could sign with the Cincinnati Reds, because him and first basemen Joey Votto would make a dynamic hitting duo, according to writer Gabe Lacques. On Friday, USA Today also said he could join the Rays, which really doesn’t seem likely, although they do have the money. On Friday, ESPN’s Buster Olney reported that many officials said the good news Nats fans want to hear: HE STAYS!

MANNY MACHADO: Well, I’ve said three times and I’ll say it again: the Phillies are the favorites. But they are now also looking to trade for all-star SS Jean Segura from the Seattle Mariners. Sports Illustrated predicted on Tuesday that he will either go to Philly or the Yankees. One of their writers, Gabriel Baumgaertner, says he could sign with Dodgers, which is unlikely since they already have Justin Turner at third, and Corey Seager at short.

Well, as I said, not much news. We will continue to report, so stay tuned.

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