Mannyball; AKA The Bryce is Right: December 21, 2018

I know I’ve missed the last couple of weeks, and I would like to apologize for missing. The last few weeks have been busy, and let’s stop wasting time and get down to some serious business.

BRYCE HARPER: Not much news was reported except for the meetings with teams like the Dodgers and White Sox. The Phillies pulled out after signing Andrew McCutchen for 3 years on December 12th, which was a surprising move, but also one that seems like a money waster Philadelphia as he hasn’t had a decent season since 2015. Anyways, on December 16th, Dodgers beat reporter Chris Camello reported the Dodgers were close to a deal with Bryce, but these claims were dropped after it was revealed Harper didn’t sign with them. This is because the Dodgers wanted to sign Harper on their terms, not in the terms of Bryce Harper and his agent, Scott Boras. The Dodgers might’ve gotten closer it seemed to signing Harper after trading Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer to the Reds for Homer Bailey, Jeter Downs, and Josiah Gray on Friday. But the problem is that the Dodgers would have more than a 180 million dollar payroll, plus they also sent money in the trade with the Reds. Harper could be a Dodger, and it might be inevitable, but don’t be certain.

MANNY MACHADO: This past week, Manny Machado has taken a trip to meet with officials from the Phillies, White Sox, and Yankees. There is no clear idea of where he could go, but my guess would be either the Phillies or Yankees. All we know is he’ll be wearing pinstripes somewhere. A funny story that happened during the road trip happened on Thursday in Philadelphia, when an electrician at Citizens Bank Park told him to just sign with the Phillies. Today, Mr. Miami said that we won’t find out until January first most likely at the earliest. 

Well, that’s a quick summary of the craziness that has happened with The Kid and Mr. Miami, who are expected to make the highest contracts in MLB history. Join us next week, when even more chaos ensues. 

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