Manny wants to play SS

What will be the effects of Manny Machado wanting to play SS? Coming from one that wants to trade Manny for as much as the Orioles can get, this is good news. Because Manny has mentioned playing SS, just simply makes him more valuable to trade. Moving over to SS may not be the smartest move on the field for Manny considering he is talked about as the best 3B in the MLB. Mentioned with some of the other best 3B in the game, by the names of Kris Bryant, and Nolan Arenado.

At third-base, Machado has won two Gold Glove Awards and become one of the better infielders in the history of the position, so why change? In the event the Orioles trade him, this makes it easier. Selling Manny as the best 3B is easy and now even easier to say he may be just as good at SS. Manny who won’t be 26 until next July, has a big deal coming his way very similar to Alex Rodriguez.

Instant effects for the Birds, who to play 3B? I say either let Beckham try it out or let Schoop play where he belongs. Coming through the organization as SS/3B, Schoop played 2B because it was a team need at the time. Seeing flashes of his cannon, and his consistent hands I don’t see it being hard for him to transition back to playing 3rd. If that happens then Beckham would move back to his natural position at 2B, where he also played in Tampa for years. I don’t know where he will play, but those are two great options if Manny finds his place in the Orioles lineup at SS Opening Day.

Manny will get what he wants but not in Baltimore, down the line the Orioles don’t have much of a choice but to trade Manny. With the team low on money and whatever money left after Davis’s awful deal, the Orioles still need to field a team. With that brings along the conversation of starting pitching, something that’s been a glaring need for years. Starting Pitching is valuable and by trading Manny, the Orioles could seek out a Starter to get in the deal or prospect that’s ready. Not so fast,

Now, here’s where I believe Manny will end up, In Pinstripes…. The Philadelphia Phillies Pinstripes.

Send Baltimore Mickey Moniak. Yes, I understand that’s the number 1 pick in the previous draft but we’re talking about trading Manny Machado. And give me my boy Hyun Soo-Kim back. Spend the money left on AJ10, and two top of the line starters.



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