Mancini announces he has stage three colon cancer

Baltimore Orioles outfielder and first baseman Trey Mancini announced today that he has stage three colon cancer. Mancini wrote a touching article in the Players Tribune about his experience and what he is going through.

Mancini left spring training early to undertake an emergency operation. At that time the Orioles and Mancini were respectively quiet on Mancini’s condition. In Mancini’s article he thanked and credited the Orioles medical staff for finding the cancer. The Orioles are known for having a very good medical staff and being very diligent on physicals.

Right now baseball is being delayed indefinitely as the nation fights the Covid-19 pandemic. It is very unlikely will play this season if there is a baseball season because Mancini is currently undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer.

Mancini is the Orioles club house leader and best hitter. Last summer, Mancini had a breakout season batting .291 with 35 home runs. The past three seasons have been hard to watch for the Orioles, Mancini has been one of the few bright spots.

Mancini has a hard battle ahead of him. Everyone at MSB would like to send our thoughts and prayers to Mancini. Everyone can not wait to see Mancini blasting out homers at Camden Yards again!

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