Jones plays joke on fans before Fanfest

Adam Jones played a cruel joke on Orioles fans today after both Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop decided to back out on fanfest for undisclosed reasons. Jones later Tweeted that he too wasn’t going to attend fanfest but then later stated he was trolling the fans when he stated it was “Fake News”.

Fans responded to Jones tweets, “Not a single star is going why should fans..” What that fan forgot was Trey Mancini is also a star and he should be a good enough reason to go. Others responded giving props to Jones who just trolled all of Baltimore fans.


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Boogie Borucki

Aspiring sports writer, current Terp from Hoco. Rode with the O's through the worst up to Buck's Birds. And I've never seen a take too hot.

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