Johnny Football to the Browns is worst case scenario

800px-Johnny_ManzielThe Cleveland Browns selected Johnny Manziel last night with the 22nd overall pick in the draft. As I said here I think that Manziel will be a huge draft bust, now I am really sticking with my gut. The Ravens will get to play the great “College” quarterback twice a year.  Going to the Browns has to be a worst case scenario for Manziel who still needs to learn how to be a potcket passer and will play in the hard nose AFC North.

The AFC North is a tough division, it is where the big boys play and I do not think Manziel is big enough to play six games a season against the Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals. The quarterbacks in the AFC North have to be big to withstand the hits that come in the division. Manziel is only 210 pounds, Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger are both about 240 pounds and still have come away with injuries.

I think the Ravens will feast on Manziel, he is quick to leave the pocket and does not secure the football well. Terrell Suggs will have a field day getting extra time to tackle him.

Manziel is also immature, flashing the “Show Me the Money” sign after he was pick proved that. Manziel was not even a top ten pick or the first quarterback taken. Quarterbacks need to show leadership and not be showoffs.

Manziel will wish that he had gone to a more west coast offense team.  The Browns had a good college quarterback like Manziel in Colt McCoy, and he had very little success.

Brian Hradsky

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  1. July 28, 2014

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  2. December 15, 2014

    […] career start. Manziel’s final numbers were that of a quarterback having a career worst day.  Here is just one of the articles I wrote earlier about how the Browns and Manziel will not work out. […]

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