Issuf Sanon: A Draft & Stash?

The Washington Wizards gave zero effs about a single fan’s opinion when they chose a Ukranian combo guard named Issuf Sanon with the 44th overall pick. Or so the fans thought. The likelihood is that this pick is what is commonly referred to as a ‘draft and stash’. The last I checked these draft and stash players generally do not count towards the salary cap. See Wizards fans, the front office of the Wizards can hear you, and your sometimes irrational tirades.

The Wizards need EVERY dollar they can spare in order to fend off the angry fans with pitchforks outside Grunfeld’s office, AND find an athletic big man for John Wall. He keeps asking but no one is listening, but in all fairness, at this point the security money for Grunfeld might be the most pressing matter.

There are plans for Issuf Sanon to play in the Summer League, so we will definitely get a better look at him then. He has cool hair and is only 18 so I’m willing to give him a chance. This might have been the same strategy Grunfeld used! Kidding! For real though, when I checked his draft profile I was actually pretty impressed. I’d like to cut and paste the entire thing here but I don’t want to get fired on a weekend.

According to his NBA draft profiles, he really was off the radar until people saw him play for Ukraine in FIBA Under 18 last Summer. I’m going to paraphrase some of the scouting report from I’d like to befriend the scout who wrote this to be honest. “Light on this feet…High motor kid…Looks fearless, doesn’t back down on any challenge…PLAYS WITH HIS FOOT ON THE GAS AT ALL TIMES…He can do the Eurostep in either direction with either foot…Good passing…Good pick and roll…Moves well without the ball…Makes a lot of steals…” We’ll gloss over the bad for now. The biggest issue is likely his lack of English at this point. His profile didn’t say high turnovers so I’m sure Washington Wizards fans can work with his faults…IF he makes it past Summer League. For a 44th pick Grunfeld didn’t do bad and if this kids steps up, Ernie may have pulled his rear from the fire.

Now lets take a look at the kid >

Video courtesy of his Agent Daniel Moldovan

I’m interested to see how he fares in Summer League.

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