In Uncertain Times, Baseball Unites

The world continues to face many challenges regarding the Coronavirus. There is no industry immune to the harsh and abrupt effects of COVID-19, including Major League Baseball. April was the month that was supposed to have an opening day around the league and the day that every baseball fan looks forward to after a long offseason. After almost ninety-nine days of a delayed season, baseball is finally back and it is reuniting people not only to the sport but to each other as well. 


Baseball fans remember when they first fell in love with the game. Whether it was spring little league games or playing catch in the backyard, baseball holds a sacred spot in the heart of many Americans. For me, it was when I was little and I still lived in Houston,Texas. My dad and I would go to Astros games when some of the greats like Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell played in the Astrodome.


Leading up to attending a game, you purchase your ticket and coordinate with your family, friends, or loved ones to figure out exactly how and where everyone is going to meet. Upon entering the ballpark, you are surrounded by thousands of people you do not know, but still feel a connection with. When you are in your seat with a hotdog and a soda, it feels like everything is right with the world and there are no problems. 


Baseball is a therapy for the fans and players alike. Nothing is better than experiencing a crucial double play or a walk-off homerun with thousands of strangers all routing for the home team. There is a certain feeling of electricity and momentum when you have an entire stadium on their feet and cheering. That type of feeling can shift a ballgame back in the home team’s favor. 


According to Neil Best at Newsday, the Yankees-Nationals opening night game was viewed by an average of four million people, which set an ESPN viewing record. That statistic alone proves that people have missed bonding over baseball and the type of appeal our national pastime really has. 


In today’s crazy and unpredictable world, baseball beginning again gives a sense of hope that we very much need.

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